Falling in Love with Food Again

(TW Disordered Eating)

One of the biggest worries you may have about going plant-based is not getting enough important nutrients. It was something I too had been fearful about going into this lifestyle. But as I went along my journey, experimented with foods, and experienced unique flavors that I hadn’t before, I noticed something really beautiful.

Since I was small, food has always been a comfort moment for me. I rejoiced when my parents would make my sisters and I our favorite ramen noodles every Friday. Going to our favorite Thai restaurant once a month was the happiest outing I could dream of. Getting to look forward to special food days and restaurant outings gave me a lot of solace when I was nervous about going to and being at school as a young child. But, I did have my own struggles with food that started to emerge more aggressively as I grew. These struggles took away much of the joy and security food had consistently brought me. I began to dread meals with my family when I felt forced to eat and fear lunchtime at school everyday.

Ramen my sisters and I had as kids

Food is something that is easy to take for granted, and I always had, previous to being vegan. I noticed that when I had to focus more on the food I gave my body to ensure I was getting all the vitamins and minerals, I grew a deep appreciation for food and the diversity of choices readily available to me everyday. I felt so lucky to experience so many bright flavors bustling with nutrients, and realized how grateful I was for food and how much of a gift being able to eat what I need is. I also began to have a healthier, safer relationship with food, as I realized it was something to nourish and heal my body, something deliberate, deeper than I had realized. Soon, creating colorful platters to serve and diving into a sea of mystical flavor became a form of self care; it was an expression of art. I pursued how every tiny ingredient in my meals was grown, from minuscule alfalfa sprouts topping each dish to the pile of almonds I downed every morning. Learning about how everything I ate arrived at my plate made me realize just how lucky I am to be able to experience this corner of life. Veganism added so much more dimension, depth, and vibrancy to my life. Exploring my personal vegan story helped to rebuild the healthy, safe, and happy relationship I had with food from my childhood. Now, I hugely look forward to days with no other commitments where I can lose myself creating in the kitchen or discovering a new vegetable while wandering the grocery store. So though there may be fear in your transition, there’s something more meaningful around the corner. There’s so much more to your story just waiting for you to claim it and delve in.

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