Crunchy Nut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches (bulked up w/ iron!)

This one’s got a twist I put on it that bulks it up with iron and omega fatty acids! This sandwich is a crunchy and time-crunch friendly snack or lunch option that I pretty much eat every day. I actually enjoy the taste of this way more than I did regular PB&J sandwiches, and that’s a huge thanks to the flaxseeds I tossed in when I was randomly looking for a way to boost a classic, well-loved quickie.

I love not having to miss out on any of my childhood favorites or comfort foods as a vegan, and this is definitely a representation of that! I’ve been able to make the same things I would down as a little kid just packed with more nutrients that are more fitting to the way I live now.



  1. To begin, toast the slices of bread on low heat until each of the sides are slightly crispy.
  2. Then, begin to later the jelly on one slice of bread, and cover the other slice with the nut butter.
  3. After, sprinkle the flax seeds onto the slice that has the jelly and add chia seeds to the nut butter slice.
  4. Put the slices together, picking up the nut butter slice to place it on top of the slice with the jelly. (I pick up the nut butter side because nut butter is less slippery than jelly so it’s easier to pick up without all of it falling off the edges).
  5. Slice the bread diagonally down the center and serve! I love having this snack with tangerine juice or oat-milk; random, but a really great combo!
There she is!

The specific ingredients I used to make this a little more special than the traditional PB&J:

These are my go-to foods for a lot of what I eat, especially the chia and flax seeds. Click on the images to purchase them yourself!

These chia seeds are my favorite ones because they’ve got an exceptional amount of iron!
I just love the taste of these flaxseeds in the PB&J sandwich, it totally compliments the pre-existing classic flavors!
I love how there are so many various nuts in this nut butter, peanut butter has nothing on this mixed nut butter!
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