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Anjalie is dedicated to growing a world where animals are seen as someone, not something, and is doing so through advocating for a vegan lifestyle.

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Cognitive Dissonance Paper

There is great power in each individual’s hands, and something puzzling to many scholars, researchers, and activists is that the same hand that can lovingly pet the family dog can stab a piece of beef for dinner. Over the past century, animal agriculture has become highly industrialized and hazardous for the health of all of […]

Your Complete Guide to Tofu

Tofu is a protein packed powerhouse that is incredibly versatile, as it can be used for a savory dish or a sweet treat. Especially when hearing of it for the first time, many people perceive tofu to be bland and flavorless. It makes sense at first glance that its unique texture and shape of a […]

Beyond Sushi NYC

New York City is bustling with the plant-based movement, and Beyond Sushi is truly spearheading much of it. It took me one visit to see for myself exactly why that is the case.  This beautiful, modern twist on sustainable comfort food is just a 5 minute stroll from NYC’s Pennsylvania Station, and 7 minutes on […]

Baby Bloob Cakes

You won’t taste a difference in these ‘veganized’ classic, super fluffy, blueberry buttermilk pancakes! Pancakes are a great breakfast item which are easy and fun to ‘veganize’, and are a perfect stepping stone towards a more compassionate, vegan lifestyle. Nothing feels better than happily cooking up a storm in the kitchen, knowing that I haven’t […]

Sweet Butter Bread

Try my vegan rendition of the bread Chick-fil-a uses for their Chicken Minis, one of my childhood favorites! Apart from the insane amount of chickens abused and slaughtered for Chick-fil-a to sell its chicken sandwiches, its CEO, Dan Cathy, has been very outspoken over the past decade about his opposition to marriage equality, saying, “We […]

Laughing Seed Cafe

In a charming and cozy corner of Asheville, NC, lies a plant-based treat, the Laughing Seed Cafe.  It is tucked into a spot of beautiful Wall Street, across from artistically designed steps swelling with Asheville spirit. A short five minute walk up the paint-streaked steps and up the street to the right sits a small […]

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